The mid 2000’s were a time when manufacturing jobs in the United States were being outsourced at an alarming rate and the economy was grinding to a halt. The Great Recession was upon us. Keeping a business prosperous in Northeast Florida was no small feat. Yet amongst this stagnation there stood a CNC machine shop in The Oldest City that continued to produce quality precision machining with an unmatched level of reliability.

Lyons Machine Tool Company was founded in Long Island, New York by Jeremiah Lyons in 1965. The family and business moved to Saint Augustine, Florida in 1976 and ten years later Kevin Lyons partnered with his father, Jeremiah, and formed an S-Corporation. Kevin assumed full ownership upon Jeremiah's retirement in 1990. Christine Lyons, Kevin's wife, began working at the company in the 1990's. In 2012, we achieved our goal of becoming AS9100 and ISO 9001 registered.

For over 50 years, Lyons Machine Tool Company has maintained a stellar reputation providing precision turning and milling work for a multitude of industries including Aerospace and Oil and Gas. We are extremely proud to have received several Preferred Supplier, Customer Service and On-Time Delivery awards from our satisfied customers. 

A thriving Lyons Machine Tool Company has emerged from the recession and is gearing up to make the future even brighter. We look forward to creating innovative and exciting products every day with customers new and familiar. We are optimistic about the abundance of work to be found in the Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries and excited about the possibilities brought forth by the burgeoning Sustainable Energy movement. 

  • We take pride in our skilled and dedicated staff and over 50 years of stability.
  • We take pride in our customer relationships. 
  • We take pride in our reputation for quality.
  • We take Pride in Precision.

Tim Dzioba, 

General Manager

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